Thursday, March 30, 2006

6 months, shots and a sticker :)

I can't believe here we are at 6 months....seems unbelievable.. anyway, Hayden went to the doctor today and did great as usual. She weighed in at 20lbs 15oz. and 28 inches long. She is rounding out on the curve for her weight and has stopped peaking. The doctor said she look GREAT! She's sitting without assistance and doing all the developmental things she should be! She's really been checking out those hands lately! I love it. Then the dreaded three shots...she cried like crazy but stopped as soon as I held her. It was the best one yet. :) What a big girl! Her two side bottom teeth are starting to get close to the surface too, so we are going to have a mouth full of teeth before long. Since she did so good she even got a big girl blues clues sticker :)

So exciting...being a mom is so great! I just love it! Hayden has really been responding to her name lately which is so cool to watch her just turn into a full blown respondant child. ANd squeeling...she's discovered she is definitely a girl...and a girly girl at that :) Life is amazing!

Thanks Melissa and Cary for the cute little dress and hat and socks she wore last sunday :) She was a doll!!


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