Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Update

Well I just got off the phone with my nurse and the hospital is full for Wednesday, which is the only other day that inductions are done. So! Pray for labor, because we are back to the waiting game. If I haven't had her by Friday I have to go in and have a non stress test done on the baby and then get scheduled for induction again for next week (Monday or Wednesday).

I have been having lots of contractions just nothing steady. So I'm really hoping they pick up soon, because I really don't want to wait another whole week to have her. She is just getting bigger and bigger and I'm little. And I really want to have a chance at natural birth, so I dont want her size to interfere with that. SIGH......

So the wait continues. Thanks for everyones encouragement yesterday, it was a bit of an emotional day just because I was so ready for this big experience, but I am regrouped and now just back to waiting. Hoping she comes today!!!

Love you all! Hope to have good news for you soon!


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