Friday, October 21, 2005

2 weeks old

Well looks like we have a little eater on our hands. Yesterday I took Hayden to the doctor for her two week check-up. I had been a little concerned that she wasn't going to have gained enough weight back since she has been having these big spit up episodes. But to my surprise, she was up to birth weight!! 8lbs 7 oz. exactly. Seems that the reason that she has been spitting up is because she has been eating more than she can handle :) So anyway, the appointment went good. She is in the 50% for head size, slightly above 50% on weight and 90% for height! She's going to be tall that's for least taller than me ;) Then they pricked her little heel for the PKU state test and that was sad. Her head was turning purple she was screaming so hard. I comforted her and then she slept the whole rest of the day and only woke up to be fed, of course :) She even slept from 7-2 a.m. (Including through bj's entire basketball game, with whistles and horns going off. Didn't budge. She just snoozed!) Then she slept from 2:30-6 am and then from 6:30-9:30 this morning. It was quite nice.

And speaking of BJ's game. They killed the other team 88-40 or something like that. It was really fun to watch. His team is really good, and they play well together. Looks like this season will be alot "funner" for everyone. :)


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