Monday, October 31, 2005

What a week, and a super fun weekend!

Well its been over a week and we have been so busy!! Let's see....

Last weekend Bj, me,Hayden, Jared, and his friend Dylan and his wife and baby went golfing...well, the guys golfed while the mom's walked with the babies. It was alot of fun, and I met a new mom-friend. They have an 11 week old baby, Avery. It was pretty funny because we went three holes and Avery pooped on one, Hayden pooped on the next and then he went again on the third hole. We kept having to pull aside and change diapers left and right. By the end of the third one, we only had one wipe left between both of us. Luckily, we didn't have any more the rest of the time we were there. Then that night we went over to Kris and Holly's house to watch the Astros LOSE! What a bummer....the whole world series was a bummer. Anyway, then Sunday we took Hayden to church for the second time...she does really good during church...she just looks all around during worship and then sleeps during the message ;)

The week was pretty normal...until Thursday...Hayden had a rough day...lets just say she cried almost the whole day and by the end of it I was wiped out. We took her to the grandparents so I could have some time away from her. I felt so bad, because I knew it wasn't her fault she was crying all day, she just had an upset stomach, but it was pretty draining for me. So BJ and I went to his game together, which they won again, and then got Sonic and just chilled. Then we picked her up and the next day she was much better.

Then this weekend we went to Baylor Homecoming. It was so much fun. We got to see all of our friends from church again and Juli and Lauren. And they all got to see our precious Hayden. We went to Bonfire and the game and to Antioch, and then we had a super fun, and super cute photo shoot by our friend Sarah, who is a professional photographer . You can look at the pictures online at then go to Contact us....log in, the username is amanda and the password is wedding. then find Hayden's name and you can see her first little photo shoot and our family pics. We had so much fun and Sarah did such an awesome job!!! THANKS SARAH!!!

PS>..any family or whoever that wants any of the photos..just let me know and I can tell you how to order them.

Now we are back and this evening we are going to the Harvest Fest at church starting at 7pm. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO COME. IT's going to be really fun, with lots of games and prizes and stuff for the kiddos as well as adults. You can check out my link to The River to get directions.

Oh and one more thing! I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! So I will be able to post more pics for you all. I am so happy that I finally got one. (Thanks to my MK business :) )


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