Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well I am still pregnant...in case you thought I wasn't :) Last night I had 4 "maybe" contractions. I don't know if they were actual ones or not....they just felt different than anything before. So I called my mom and deb and we analyzed them together. It was kind of cool, but no real action. Oh well....one day soon I will be in real labor. I can't wait!!!

Just wanted to update, we had a good weekend. Went and saw Brothers Grim. I thought it was boring and then we had lunch with the family as usual on Sunday. I did some Mary Kay facials and had a party and then tonight I have another one. Praying for big sales!! I have a big September goal and I am trying to get it in before the baby comes.

Well everyone have a nice week. Its almost half-way over already :)


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