Monday, September 26, 2005

My last appointment!!! Much progress and an end in sight!!!!

Well I went for my last appointment today !!!!! It was sort of wierd to not have to schedule anymore appointments. I am dialated to a 2 and fully effaced and the babe has dropped down even more. SO!!! They didn't think I would make it through the week, but if I do, then I am scheduled to be induced on Monday morning. I am so excited!! That means no matter what I will have a baby by Monday. YEAH!!!!

The bummer part is that I have a bladder infection that really hurts. My bladder is so sensitive and I'm concerned that labor is going to be painful with it being that way. ANd I really really want to go natural. UGH! Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end.

Well sorry I haven't posted much, but we are still at my inlaws due to our power outage from Rita. The one tree that fell in our yard HAD to be the one right by the power line and it broke it in half. If it weren't for that we would still have power, because everyone else on our road does. Oh well...

Tonight we all went and saw Flight Plan. It was pretty good. Not as intense as I had thought it would be, but it was pretty good.

Well take care blog world!!!! Hopefully we will have a very eventful week :)


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