Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Effacement-This refers to the thinning of the cervix in preparation for birth, and is expressed in percentages. You'll be 100% effaced when you begin pushing.

By the way I accidentally said I was fully effaced and actually I am more like 70% or so. Getting close :) Oh and my bladder infection results were really all that pressure was all baby sitting on my bladder. But at least it isn't an infection.

Well we are back at the house now for the second time. We got power yesterday for most of the day and then it went out again at like 4 until this morning. So we are back here trying and hoping that the power will not go out again. I have too much stuff to get ready. I need to clean and make sure everything is ready for the little one.

Well take care all and I will keep you all posted!


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