Monday, August 29, 2005

What a weekend

Well this weekend I was busy busy busy. BJ was playing at a youth conference on Sunday so they had practice on Friday night and I went to Babies R Us to exchange a few things and pick up some last minute things that we still needed. It was fun and relaxing to just walk around and get whatever I needed. So then on Saturday morning I had to wake up at 7 to be ready to be picked up for a wedding shower for a cousin. It was in Madisonville at 10 so we had to be ready really early. It was really fun though because I got to hang out with my grandmother and aunt that I don't get to see too often. We had a good time on the drive. And the shower was very nice as well. So when I got home I was WIPED OUT! I started having braxton hicks pretty bad to the point that I occassionally questioned whether it was real labor or not. I was hoping not since my parents are on vacation until Wednesday. Anyway, so I stayed home from church Sunday so that I could rest up because I was helping out with a baby shower for Rachel that evening.

The shower was alot of fun, hot, but fun. Us poor preggo's, we just stay so hot all the time :( I'm sure it wasn't hot for everyone but it seems like my body temperature has been raised since the second I got pregnant. I am looking forward to regaining normal body temps soon.

It was fun to see old friends at the shower and there was even a midwife there that is a friend of Rachel's and she let me listen to the little heartbeat of my baby and then she felt around on my belly and said that she was ready to come out already :) She said wait another week and then we'll see :) Oh that was music to my ears. I hope when I go to the dr on Thursday that she says the same thing. I would love to have my little one here with me in 2 weeks or so.

Anyway so that was my weekend. The great part is that I have slept back in the bed for 3 nights now and I have gotten great sleep. It has been so wonderful, I don't know what I changed, but it has been heavenly.

Well back to the grind today. We installed the car seat base into the car so we are ready whenever the time comes. I am so excited that we are almost to the "less than 30 days stage". It is so close!!!!!!!

Well off to bed for me hopefully for another great and comfy nights sleep :)

Goodnight all~~


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