Monday, July 11, 2005

Stuck truck in the mud--Please help :(

Hello all my blog pals. I am just sitting here at my husband's office waiting for him, because today on my way over from the house(which is all of 1 minute) I drove the truck over because it was really muddy from a big rain that we got, and I drove straight into a puddle and got the truck stuck. Whoops! At least BJ had a smile on his face when he drove out there. He just laughed at me.

So now I am waiting for my ride to become unstuck so that I can go do some shopping. Khols is having a big sale on all sorts of things so I'm going to check them out. As well as hit Target and the grocery store.

Next week we are going out of town on vacation for a whole week. I am soooooo excited. We were originally going to go to South Padre, but then Bj decided that Sea WOrld would be fun to hit for a couple of days, so we are going to San Antonio for the week. I love San Antonio. It will be a nice trip to get away just the two of us and hang out and relax before the baby comes and we enter the world of parenthood.

We worked hard on the house this past weekend and got almost everthing done. We don't have stuff hung on the walls yet, but we will get there. I only have my office to organize and then we will be in a semi-complete state. Yeah!!!

This weekend is the shower from BJ's previous church. They are so sweet and its so exciting to have showers. Makes the whole process seem real!

Well the baby has been kicking my sciatic nerve like crazy. Wow, it sure catches me off-guard and hurts like crazy! WOWWEEE! My dr. appointment went really good on Friday. BJ finally got to go with me and that was really fun. He got to hear the good strong heartbeat and see me get my shot. (WHICH HURT VERY BADLY!) But the good thing is that all my tests came back negative for gestational diabetes, etc. So I am all set. I was a little anemic so I just have to start taking some Iron supplements every once in a while. No big deal. Now I go to the dr every two weeks for a while and then every week for the last month. I can't believe we are already to this point. It is getting so exciting. And I am really getting a belly. I promise to have pics up sometime this week. I just need to get my camera a new battery.

Well off to check on the progress of the stuck truck! ;) Talk to you all soon!


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