Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pain in the Rump bone!

Ok so for the last few weeks I've been having this really bad pain in my tailbone. Just feels sort of uncomfortable and like someone gave me a direct kick. Well this morning I got up and was walking into the kitchen and I sneezed and I promise to you something popped in my tailbone and I feel like it is cracked. It hurts sooooo bad to sit and then once I sit for a while the pain goes away but when I get up it kills.

Just another fun thing that has happened that I was not warned about:)

This weekend I am having a shower. It is going to be very fun. I have two more after this one coming up as well and those are going to be fun too. Showers sort of make everything seem the growing belly can't do it for me or something ;)

I took a belly pic last night but I have to get it on a disk and bring it over to BJ's office sometime, so I promised I'd have pictures up and I will!


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