Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coming up for air amist the boxes

Well I have been super busy lately trying to get my house unpacked. Ugh!! It is never ending. My mom brought up some more of our stuff today that she had been storing for us, so now the things I had unpacked and were making the home look homey, well now it looks like a disaster again. But it will be better soon. I have been working hard.

This weekend was fun, we went to Lake Texoma for a family reunion on my side. It was good to get to see everyone again. I haven't been since before I got engaged, so everyone was able to meet my hubby and see my belly :) Next year we will have a little 8 month old girl to bring along with us.

So now we are back and working hard again. BJ and I get to go to Olive Garden tonight with my dad and some people that are going to be visiting and speaking at our church. Pretty cool that we get to be a part of the welcoming committee :) Plus, who could resist a meal at Olive Garden. We haven't been eating out much lately because we are both on diets. BJ has lost over 30 lbs and I have lost 2 and not regained it, even though the baby is growing, so really I have probably lost more than that. My doctor will be so happy with me. I have gained 15 lbs total so far and I still have two more full months of some major growing time, so I am trying to watch what I eat and eat good foods for me and the princess.

Speaking of the princess, for those of you who haven't put in your vote on the guessing game for weight, height and due date you should. DOn't forget there is a prize involved :) You already have one given, its a girl...so the rest should be easy right :)????


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