Wednesday, June 01, 2005

4 months to go and boy is it closing in on me

Wow! Moving is such a hassle. Yuck. So many forms to change addresses, and people to notify and man, just the amount of time it takes to get an address changed over the phone wastes away my whole day! Argh!! The good thing is that today it finally was sunny outside so I went swimming!! It felt great. I loved it and so did baby girl. She was just kicking away in there. Probably swimming :)

We went over to our new house last night because I had gone to pick out paint for the rooms and we wanted to walk throught the house again. Well this time there were flees from the dogs that lived there before!! GROSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I got bites on my feet. So Bj had to go back over and set off some bug bombs so the people that are working on the house won't get eaten alive, then we are having the house sprayed once it is done. I hate flees and I do not want them eating my little Hoobie to death. But the good thing is that the paint colors I picked out are going to be really nice. I am especially excited about the nursery!!!! It is going to be so cute. She gets the biggest room upstairs and her own bathroom :) WHAT A PRINCESS :) I can't wait to fix everything up and have that stress off me, because suddenly I am feeling very pressed for time. 4 months from today and baby girl will be here, if not before.

Well its shutting down time for the boys, so I will sign off! I love this new 8-5 schedule. NO Homework is so awesome!!!!!!!!!


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