Thursday, May 26, 2005

A sad farewell, but not a goodbye!

Last night our lifegroup threw us a wonderful shower. We had great food thanks to the Hess', a yummy pink cake thanks to the Yocum's and all of our friends joined us for and a wonderful time of celebration of our baby girl. We also all got to meet Carson and he was a cutie. I'll have to post pictures of all the cute things we got as soon as we get settled.

I may be MIA for a few days because we are moving tomorrow. we actually have no internet in our house right now and had to come up to the school to check our emails and get online. So if you need me you will have to call my new cell phone number.

We are sad to leave our first home together in Waco, but excited about the new things that are in store for us in the future. Pray with us that everything would go smoothly on the new house and we would be able to move in quickly. We will be living with bj's family for a couple of weeks while we fix up our new place!

All of you Wacoans better stay in touch and all you Conroe-ites/Woodlanders here we come!!!!


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