Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Graduation has finally come and now gone

Well it is official that we are both college graduates with official diplomas ready to be framed :) It was such a great day and we were able to see friends and family as well. We were so excited that the day had actually come and there we were crossing the stage side by side! What a memory.

This week I have really began to show. I am rounding out alot. I like it, but my belly is getting heavy! Mom has been staying up here this week until tonight to help me pack up my house. Ugh. We worked a long time yesterday and will do as much as possible today and then going home for my ultrasound tomorrow. I am so excited and so is BJ. He has never been able to go to the doctor with me yet, so he is very excited to finally be a part of this.

I will be posting the gender tomorrow as long as we can get a good shot of it. And hopefully some grad pictures as soon as I get them back.


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