Friday, May 13, 2005

Braxton Hicks Marks my halfway point

Wow...I didn't know you could get those so early but you can. The last two days I have had them a few times, so I called my doctor cuz I was a little concerned, and because my mom didn't think I could get these at 5 months. Well sure enough you can, starting at 18 weeks. So, basically I have been stressing out too much. (Go figure) And the only thing to do is cool it. So I much as I can and then after this week, I will be significantly less stressed :) The wierd thing is that I'm not really stressed, I just have a lot going on, which is normal for me, and since I feel so good being pregnant, its hard for me to know when I have overdone it until its actually to that point and then I regret it. So, I'm taking it easy I promise. Don't everyone start panicking, believe me, I don't want to endanger my child. I have also taking a growth spurt recently and I think that has added to the physical tension on my body.

Today is the halfway point of my pregnancy. It has been such a breeze. I love it. Only 5 more days until we find out what the little cutesie is. Yesterday I broke down and bought an outfit from Baby Gap. It is adorable. I love it and can't wait to put it on my new baby when it comes.

On that note...Melissa is having Carson today!!!! She went in at 7 for potossin. The little guy is going to be a big guy so they didn't want him to grow too much more on the inside of his mommy, so they are getting that dude out today :) Keep her in your prayers today. I talked with her earlier and she is nervously excited :) We are praying for you Mel!!! For a quick and smoothe delivery and a healthy momma and son. (And for you too Cary. )

Well tomorrow is Graduation. WOW! Still doesn't seem real. Even though my grades have all been posted and it is offical, it still seems wierd. sigh............ But I can get used to this no going to school thing in a heartbeat.

Well there is work to be done and food to be eaten by me, so have a wonderful day my blogger friends and I will see you or talk to you all soon!!!


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