Monday, April 11, 2005


well monday has come again and finally gone. I just don't enjoy Monday' I am again at the fun fun photolab waiting for my pictures to process. then i have to digitally enhance them and burn them to a disk to turn in tomorrow. why do I always wait until the night before to do my pictures....oh yeah, cuz I don't have any other time to do them earlier. Sigh....this is my second to last project to turn in and I will be finished forever. now don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed this class...i just wish I could do it more like a hobby instead of a "have-to" sort of thing. soon enough soon enough!!! Only 1 month and one day until graduation....praise the Lord...I have waited for this day forever. i can't believe I am actually going to walk across that stage to never return to school again!!!!!!!! whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!

Today i walked outside and it was COLD!!! i was what a change. Then i went to my dreaded 8 a.m. class and had the hardest time staying eyes were shaking side to side it seemed fighting off the sleep...only 5 more of those to go!!! Double praise the Lord. Then I took a killer test....hopefully that went well...we'll see ??!! Then by the time I finished school it was burning hot again.....only in Texas!

went to work...same ole same ole...came home , ate dinner, now i'm back at my favorite place ever!!! THE PHOTOLAB :(


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