Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What a relief

Well today a great thing happened. I had taken a test last week that I felt horrible about. I had studied but it was just one of those wierd ones that you don't really know what in the world TO study. So I tried but I probably could have prepared more. Well, when I took the test, I felt my lack of effort biting me in the rear. I knew I hadn't done my best but hoped for a miracle.

WELL, today I found out my grade and it was alot worse than I thought. I passed but, wow, I didn't expect to do that horribly. So I started looking over my test and realized that I had not gotten 10 whole points that I had gotten right. Somehow the teacher had miscalculated my grade. WAS I RELIEVED!!! He was too, which I thought was cool. Most teachers don't even know you much less know what your potential is for a grade. So I thought it was really cool that he cared that I had done better. He told me that he was hoping there was a good reason for my bad grade because he was surprised. Thank the Lord for teachers who care!!!

Now I am one step closer to graduating!!!! I can do it, I can do it!

PS. I must mention that I am happy that Luke and Lorelai got back together on Gilmore Girls :) AND tonight is Newlyweds!! Get excited :)


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