Friday, March 04, 2005

Grocery shopping

Well today is my Mary Kay business debut. I'm really excited because it is going to be a fun girls night for my friends. My friend Kelly is going to come over and help run the debut, because I have never done a show before.

Last night I had BJ come to the grocery store with me because it was late and I didn't feel so good. I had a list of approximately 10 things to get for my party plus milk and bread. Well over an hour later we left the store with a full cart and I was pooped. BJ wanted to go down every aisle and do full fledged shopping. AHHH!!!! This is why he isn't allowed to go with me normally. We come out with way too much and it doesn't last long enough. Anyway, I told him he is going to have to learn how to shop better since he will probably have to do it a few times before and after the baby comes. That nut :)


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