Monday, March 07, 2005

Laundry laundry and more laundry

I debuted my Mary Kay business this weekend. Actually my friend Kelly ran the whole show, but it was so fun. I had 7 people and a baby there and we had a nice girls night. They got to see the great products and I had $298 in sales :) Whoo hoo!! Thanks everyone for coming and supporting me.

Afterward, I totally crashed. I still am not used to how much less engergy I am equipped with. I didn't even really DO anything except sit there and hand things to people but just the hype of having the party and getting everything ready took it out of me. But it is getting less and less. I am feeling more and more myself again, energy wise.

Bj actually let me watch two chick flicks with him :) It was so great. I didn't even have to beg.
We also saw Million Dollar Baby which had a very surprising ending that I did not expect. But it was a good movie....I didn't expect it to be emotional though...I thought it was going to be like Rocky girl-style.

I ordered my first bunch of maternity clothes today because I feel like I will be out of all of my waist fitted clothing very soon. My jeans and skirts have been my uniform lately. I'm glad I don't have any presentations that I have to dress up for this semester, because my suit...HA, I don't know if it will ever fit again :( Yes it will!! I will be tiny after I recover from my baby weight !!! I'm going back to high school size :) That would be a miracle.

We are doing laundry now. It seems like we are always doing laundry. It is unending. I can't imagine how much we will have when the kiddo starts blazing through clothes left and right.


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