Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Embarrassing moment(S)

Well yesterday I embarrassed myself. The thing is probably no one really cared but I was embarrassed FOR myself, and here's why...

well as many of you know, I love softball...played it forever since I was 10 or so and played through high school. My brother played baseball and I know the game pretty well to say the least. Well yesterday in my college P.E. class we got to go outside and play kick ball since it was a b.e.a. utiful day!!! So...there I am in the outfield and this guy kicks this really high ball into the air. Now mind you, the ball is not the normal kick ball size, its more like the size of the balls you can stretch on and do pilates with. Right, so its really bouncy and huge, and coming straight for I put my arms up in the air thinking, there is no way I am going to be able to hold on to this ball when it hits me.....well somehow I did...and I let out a scream when I did because I was so excited. WHAT A DORK...I had to have looked like the girliest girl alive. No one really did anything...but I was embarrassed....I couldn't believe I had just squeeled with delight for catching a ball. Ok so its been awhile since I have participated in competitive sporting events... I just had to get it out of my system. on to the embarrassing part. Yeah, that wasn't it.....

So I'm standing in line waiting to "bat" or kick, and one of my teammates kicks the ball and runs to first base and runs through the base since he was running so fast. Well me and all my baseball/softball knowledge turn to the guys behind me and say..."haha...he ran through first base, I can't believe they didn't tag him out" Again....WHAT!!! What am I thinking, of course you can run through first base without getting out. " I quickly turned back around and said, "oh yeah, you can run through first base." How embarrassing. To them I was just a dumb girl that didn't know a thing about sports....well how sad that I supposedly do.

I told BJ what I did, and he definitely laughed at me ....what an I say.. Its this pregnant brain...its playing tricks on me!!!


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