Thursday, March 10, 2005

Woke up too early

Well this morning I did a funny thing, But it worked out for the best. I woke us up like usual. On Tuesday's and Thursday's we get up around 8:15. Its so great to sleep in a little :) Well this morning we were so tired and I kept hitting snooze. Well at 8:40 I realized and was like BJ we have to get up and hurry. So we are hurrying around getting ready....we have class at I go to turn my computer on and it says 8:00???? I was so confused. Then I remember that I had set the clock to the wrong time yesterday to take a picture of it for class. Then I didn't set it back to the right hour. But just set the alarm for this morning. Well, luckily I set it back and not forward because BJ has a test this morning. So he was able to study for a whole extra hour due to my goof up. It was sort of funny though. But nice to know that we didn't have to rush.

Have a happy Thursday!! The weekend is near and that means SPRING BREAK is here!!!!!!!!!


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