Tuesday, February 22, 2005


On Saturday we signed the contract for the sell of our home. So it is official. Now we just need to pray that the people do not back out for any reason. I really don't foresee that they will, but you just never know. We close on April 15 and then it will be final. So I can't wait for then.

So we are now on the hunt for a home of our own. We are planning on finalizing where we are going to live over spring break. Which is in three weeks, so I am very excited about finding a new home. It will be the home for our first little baby. That is so exciting.

Ok yesterday I had a funny experience. We went to IHOP for lunch and I like the spaghetti at IHOP. Well, yesterday I was feeling pretty nauseated and wasn't really up for eating too many things, so I was scanning the menu and couldn't decide between breakfast or dinner....so the lady came to take our order I asked for spaghetti and a side of hash browns. If you could have seen her face...it was soooooooo funny. She did a double take at me and said, "hash browns????" I then told her that I was pregnant and she cracked up laughing. She said that had crossed her mind but she didn't want to ask. She said she was hoping that was the case because if not that was just strange. Hee hee....well anyway she brought me an extra order at no cost :) The joys of food while your pregnant. It was a yummy meal :)


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