Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Take the stink away!!!!!!!!!

Ok I think this smell is putting me in a bad mood. I did find someone that will come out and take the smell and the dead whatever it is away!!!!!! I am thrilled...I hate coming home to a stink.

I am sooooo exhausted today. I want to sleep......but I have to work. How sad :( I think I will sleep like a baby tonight. And then tomorrow I have to run my 1 1/2 mile run. I have to get some rest so I can actually stay awake for the run.

So, bj decided to switch the housing plan for the 9,997,864 time. Now we are going to buy a small house and live there until we have a baby or so, 2-3 years and then start working on building our family home. By that time I will be finished working for the start of my career and be able to stay home with the tot. I don't really care where we live I just want to make a decision and stick to it for once. The good thing about it is that we are going to be able to live closer to my family and around the stores and mall and the world basically!! Not out on the lake by our lonesome. We will do that later in life after our chillins are bigger.

Well I am going to go rest for a few minutes before I go to work.



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