Thursday, January 13, 2005

Brrrrr Rabbits!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow it is sooooo chilly outside today. I was sooo shocked. Its a beautiful day but freezing and windy. I was not properly dressed for my first class, and now I have to go run in the cold..brrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

Last night we went to the SLC with Cary and Melissa . It was pretty fun...the guys played basketball and raquetball..and Melissa swam laps in the pool and I ran on the track. Then we watched the guys finish up their raquetball game. It was good exercise for all of us!

I got my first real order for Mary Kay yesterday!! I'm so excited. Now I can place my order and Melissa can become a senior consultant. YEAH MELISSA!

The pest control guy came this morning, thank the Lord, and put this neutralizer stuff in our house to take away the stink. He said it should kick in within a couple of days. In the meantime we have this spray to spray around the house to neutralize. I still smell it...I have a very sensitive nose. So I'm sick of it.

Tonight I am going to a ribbon cutting ceremony for First State Bank in Harker Hights. The joys of my job :) At least I get paid!

I'm excited because it is only one more week until 90210 starts again. I love that show and they are rebroadcasting all the seasons starting next Friday. So it will be cool. I'm excited.

Well 1 hour till my run. I'm glad that is the only thing we have to do today. It is so cold and I do not want to be outside any longer than necessary.


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