Monday, January 24, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again!!!!

Well I am back and feeling great. This doesn't even feel like a normal Monday. I hate Monday's but today, though it still wasn't easy to get up, I was on time to school, I felt great and I made it through the day without even feeling tired once!

So for those of you who have wondered what in the world happened to me, I have been sick. I just thought I'd recap the week real quick for those of you who care! :) And yes Deb, your instincts were right, I was sick. I thought about getting on here several times, but I just didn't have any writer's juice. No umpfh.

So.....I'll start from the beginning....Monday, I went to my Mary Kay Star Awards banquet with my hubby...what a sport! It was alot like the LCS awards banquets ;) But! THe food was really good. It was at the Elite Cafe and we had Chicken fried steak , green beans, and mashed potatos. SOOOO GOOD. Better than it sounds. MMMMmmmmmmmm MMmmmmmm......

Then Tuesday, we went over to Court and Tim's for pizza and the kickoff of American Idol. We had some laughs and a good time with everyone. This is the day that I started feeling queezy after lunch. But I thought I just ate too much or something. So after dinner that night, we got home and my stomach went wild on me. I tossed and turned all was rough.

Wednesday morning, I got sick, stayed home from school all day and then started running fever. That's what really took my energy out of me. BJ and Hoobie took good care of me though. Such sweeties...Hoobie stayed in bed with me all day. It was a rough life for him I know :) I didn't go to work and just tried to beat the sickness as fast as possible. This early in the semester I do not have time to be sick...but it seems that every spring semester something goes wrong...last year it was bronchitis. What is the deal????

Thursday, I felt sooo much better. I went to school, took it easy, and then came home. Felt fine, started eating again, and thought it was over. But I think I overdid it, even though I tried not to.

Friday, still feeling ok..a little tired and wiped out but ok, went back to work. This is when it hit again, and I paid for it all night and Saturday morning, I woke up in tears because I was so nauseated. Ridiculous!! So, BJ took me to the doctor at Baylor on Saturday morning, and they told me that there was a bad stomach flu going around. They gave me some pills to help with the nausea and I went home to sleep off the remainder of my illness.

Sunday I stayed in and rested up some more. Felt a little better and by Sunday night I felt like a new woman.

Today I FEEL SOO GREAT!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! I AM HEALED. And by the way for all those who were wondering, and if you weren't thinking it you were the only one it seems, but I am NOT pregnant!!!! THanks for asking though. Wow, I had a lot of calls, even my own husband asked. THAT is a stretch right there! But no, the verdict is in and its false. But thanks for checking.

I hope that is the last of the illness for the year. I feel like I've had it for a year.

Love you all and thanks for your prayers :)


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