Wednesday, December 22, 2004


So today is my first day as a runner at Fletcher. Its not too busy right now and I haven't been able to do any runs yet. It will be an easy way to make a little money onthe side though so that will be nice.

My commercial for Wendy's is running now. How embarrassing. I can't believe that I did that. I wonder if I look like a complete goof or if people will know it is me or not. I HOPE NOT!

It was really funny to do. All the people in Wendy's were looking at us while they ate their lunch. I got to meet Rusty Garrett and Angela Montoya from Channel 10 news. It was a good experience but totally hilarious. I am hoping the one that I had to speak in didn't make the cut. I hate the way my voice sounds when its recorded. I am sitting and waiting to be called upon to do a run.

Its cold outside finally and was sleeting earlier today. They say it is supposed to snow between now and Friday. I hope it does. It is even forcasted to snow in Houston! I think that would be soo cool. We'll see if it actually happens or not. Houston doesn't see much snow.


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