Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Ok so those of you who don't know me...birthday is a big deal...it has officially become one week until my birthday. I don't know why its a big deal...it is just so fun! Its not that I get presents or whatever, its just a fun day for me. Usually I get my hair cut on my birthday or something done to it.....and i just have a day of fun and reflection. Last year was the most relaxing birthday...we celebrated early therefore on my birthDay me and BJ just chilled.

So this year is the big 22....sounds so cool to me. Don't know why , but I've really been looking forward to being 22. Sounds more mature or something. Like my adult like is actually starting. 21 was fun, but it just sounded like the epitomy of the typical college girl or something...I don't think that makes sense but I don't know. .. I guess because in many people's minds it is associated with being able to drink...So 22 stands alone and says..."I have arrived in responsible adulthood." I'm a dork I know....

Anywho...we've been married now for over 1 1/2 years. Isn't that amazing....seems like the time is just whizzing by. Soon we will be graduating and then on with our careers...having babies, being parents, being grandparents....LIFE.

Every year, especially recently, it dawns on me how fast life really does go by. I want my life to count for something in God's eyes. This past semester I have really felt like I was in God's will in some big things, and it is so cool. I want to feel like that all the time...I want to feel in God's will in the morning when I run, when I eat lunch, when I go grocery shopping. God can't be like a coat that I put on when I feel like it is needed.....not to be sacreligious...but God should be like underwear...you need them and Him everyday! But don't get so used to Him that you just forget about him until you need Him again. I have some huge decisions coming up in my life and I want to hear God so clearly because I am used to hearing him daily.

God...Let me hear you daily, that I may become familiar with your voice. Let me push for a deeper relationship with you.

Today me and Sarah ran. We've been doing really good!! In Jan. we are going to kick it up to runnning every day for 1 month. And see how much progress we make :) Today was hard. We took Maya with us so we took turns pushing the stroller (which is one of those running strollers) and it was HARD!!!!! We were tired when we finished. We must have looked funny, both of us about to die and Maya just checking out the scenery and looking back at us like we were freaks. She was smiling and looking at us as if to say , " Man I can really feel this workout!" HUH, we were barely running because it was so hard. But we will build up to it eventually. The bad thing is that Maya will keep growing, so it will get harder. Holy Moly.

I woke up early today and it felt great. It is amazing how much you can do when you go to bed early. So today we have to finish all of our Christmas shopping probably with all of the other masses of people finishing their Christmas shopping. We just have a few things but we don't know what we are getting these people. So it should be interesting. But the thing is we have so many errands to run, plus we are having people over for dinner tonight. So we will be running around all day :) I love agendas. They make you feel so accomplished at the end of the day.

Look out Shoppers... here we come!!!!!!!!!


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