Saturday, December 18, 2004

First saturday after school

I definately did not sleep good last night. My stomach was sooooo upset all evening and through the night. It was like to the point where I knew if I could just be sick I would feel so much better. But I have a thing with throwing up and it just doesn't happen for me. I have to be deathly sick to have to throw up.

Anyway, needless to say, I feel better today but a little tired. Between being sick and BJ snoring, I just didn't sleep so good. BUT, I got to sleep in today so that was wonderful.

Still haven't got my Christmas cards mailed and its like what....7 days until Christmas.....but the plan is o get them in the mail so they will go out Monday morning. Better late than never I think!

So we are babysitting Maya today. She is the smiliest baby ever. And the great thing was that she cried for literally all of two seconds and then went on with her little one year old life as usual. Which was a relief to be because no one likes to be stuck with a baby that cries the entire day. So she played and now she is down for her nap.

Let me tell you, I have no idea how stay at home mom's get anything done. I am the kind of person that would just want to sit there and play all day with the little kiddo.

So we are having a fun day...well BJ hasn't exactly made it over to join in on the fun yet...but he will. Which will be fun to watch, because I haven't got a chance to see him around many babies yet, but when he is its so cute. He will be a great father one day!

Well....I guess I will go find something to entertain myself while the little one is sacked out....


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