Friday, December 31, 2004

A prayer for the New Year

Dear Father, Thou who created time and days,
we come before Thee to ask Thy
continual presence to be with us as we
set foot into a new year. Lord, we confess
that in past times we have not kept our
focus on Thee, that we have allowed our
own temporal interests and desires to
crowd Thee out of our sight. Father,
forgive us for our wandering attention, for
our dissatisfaction with Thee. Lord, turn
our eyes again to Thee and make us to
find full contentment and fulfillment in the
fervent pursuit of Thee and Thy will.
Let this pursuit be the burning passion of
our lives in the year to come, that we
may stay ever in the center of Thy perfect will.
In all things, Lord, we pray, let Thy will be
done in our lives. We pray these things in the
name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, know that if we
ask it shall be given unto us. Amen.


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