Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year--2005

Last night we had a nice evening together. We had planned to hang out with some friends but we all decided not to do anything. So we just stayed in a watched movies and ordered pizza. Then we watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve , which Regis Philbin had to fill in for Dick because he had a heart attack I believe. So we watched the ball drop in New York and then had to wait an hour for our New Year's. I was soooooo tired by that time that I fell asleep and BJ had to wake me up for the new year. So we opened our bottle of sparkling red grape juice and drank it to the new year. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! HAPPY 2005!!

I'm excited about this year. It holds many exciting changes for Bj and I. A new home, new jobs, a new life basically. All exciting!!

I missed my quest yesterday because we were cleaning all day. So today I will be on quest day 5.

Deborah is coming over today!! YEAH!! I have to go finish cleaning my house up. I did get all of my Christmas stuff down, so I guess that means everything from 2004 stays in 2004, or something...I'm not totally sure on the luck that brings! Probably something good :)

Ok....on to cleaning.


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