Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Today is my 22nd birthday! We don't have much planned, or I should say , I don't have much planned...BJ usually has a few things up his sleeve :) We are about to go to Camille's for brunch. It is a new sidewalk cafe up here and its really good and cute!

Last night we watched The Recruit. Cool movie with a twist ending. I got it for Christmas. And yesterday I went shopping with the money I got for Christmas. I was in need of some new dress clothes for work. I found some great deals since it is after Christmas and for like the first time ever EVERYTHING fit. But it was fun and I got some great stuff.

Well I have to get ready for brunch and then work. This is my first time to ever have to work on my birthday. Kind of weird....one of the many changes of almost graduating. What a bummer :(


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