Thursday, March 26, 2015

The great munson family adventure

It's pretty surreal. Here we are. Enroute to a trip we've been planning in our minds basically since the first day Hayden was born.

The time when you get to take your kiddos to Disney World. Ah! I still can't believe it. 

We've been planning this trip for weeks. Arranging schoolwork, ordering disney shirts off Instagram, arranging time off, park tickets, driving vs flying, hotels, fast passes , dining reservations, routes, oh my! Oh did I mention we kept the whole thing a secret from them. Oh yes. It's been amazing and nerve wracking.

So today we got the kiddos after school. Broke the news that we were headed out on a roadtrip (epic screams . We haven't even told them THE news yet) and loaded up. Our first plan was to hit our aunt's Mexican restaurant but we left too late and missed that stop. Hoping when we return home we can make that stop . 

Stopped at Buccees for dinner food and snacks. Then back on the road headed for Lake Charles for the night. 



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