Friday, March 27, 2015

Cajun country and beignets

Friday morning while Bj and two of the girls went down to get us breakfast, the boys and Preslyn and I read old blogs from when she was a baby. It was so fun to remeber some of the little things I had forgotten. Yet another reason I have got to get better at blogging more regularly. 

So we packed up and continued on to New Orleans. I've never been and we wanted to try some original Cafe Dumonde beignets. 

The line was a little intimidating but luckily we have enough kiddos to keep us in and out of the bathrooms. Bj got in line for a table while I went to the bathroom line wih the girls and then we switched. So it didn't make the wait too bad. We snagged a table close to the aisle which worked great for the stroller and then ordered 4 orders of beignets, a cafe au lait for me, hot chocolates for the kids and and an iced coffee for Bj. 

When our plates arrived their was powdered sugar EVERYWHERE  and it was fabulous!  We had it on our noses, beard, phone, shoes, and foreheads. It was fun. The kids asked if that was all they served and we said Yep and that was that. Vacation lunch is served. Liam and Rivan snacked on some milk and teething wafers and dreamed it was powdered beignets. 

The kids are traveling great. I'm so thankful because this has been a big undertaking but it sure has been fun so far. We got some school work done today and watched the never ending story.  I can't wait til we tell them the big news. 

We booked a hotel in Orange beach, Alabama for tonight. Our main goal was to take the kids to the beach so that's our plan for the morning. I'm hoping we can find some sand dollars or some cool shells. The girls are thrilled. 


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