Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A dream I never knew I had

There you are . Like a dream I never knew I had.
always dreamed of having children. Never decided on what I wanted --boy or girl or both. Just healthy happy babies. 

After my girls, I felt complete and happy. Never longing or wishing for a son. Yet the moment I saw that you two were boys, my heart immediately lept with excitement at what was to come. Oh but now my heart is complete and so so full. 

Today, Liam, you said "Hayden" and your sister melted into the palm of your sweaty little hand, instantly.  Rivan you CRAWLED today and made my heart break a little at how another milestone has been met and how you are growing bigger each day. 

I love you little people that I never knew I was missing. I'm so excited for our lives together. 

The seven.


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