Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baking for Good

A few weeks ago Baking for Good reached out to me to see if they could send me a box of cookies to review. Um....YES, you can send me a box of cookies! I've been really watching what I'm eating so I was excited when they said they had gluten free and vegan friendly cookies. (They also have dairy free and a host of other options.)

The box arrived and my family was on pins and needles waiting for the perfect opportunity to taste test them. I can say that we have a 100% approval rating for Baking for Good.

With Earth Day approaching on April 21, we were excited that 4 of the cookies were in honor of Earth Day. The girls loved both of the types and it made me think what a cute gift these would be for a classroom party or snack on Earth Day. So go over to Baking for Good and check out all the varieties of flavors and treats they can make for you. The packages start at $14 which is a steal if you are trying to send someone a gift by delivery. Cheaper than flowers and obviously more tasty.

I was going to try to list my favorite, but each cookie was so uniquely flavored and rich with taste, that I honestly couldn't choose.

We sampled the Earth Day cookies, Gluten-Free Citrus CookiesGluten-free Chocolate Cookies, and the Peach Cobbler Cookies.

My stomach was in heaven!

If you are an Instagram fan like I am, you can have your "Instas" turned into cookies. How cute! What a fun party favor or way to celebrate a special event.

The best part of all is that not only do they make amazingly tasty treats, but they are an amazing business to support due to their cause. Baking for Good ( is a local and
sustainable online bakery with a social mission: 15% of the net proceeds from each purchase will go to a cause in any category the customer chooses. The causes span several categories including animals, education, health, veterans, and more. Over $45,000 in donations has been granted to more than 200 nonprofits in the last four years.

Go check them out!

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