Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How many Smokey Mo's cups do you have?

I wouldn't consider myself a hoarder. But I definitely have a hard time throwing things away.Well, not throwing them away. That's easy. I have a big problem with trash. It drives me crazy and I can easily rid my life of it. But things that are still useful, that's the hard one.  I usually come up with some fabulous idea that I could someday use it for and will tuck it away for that day. Sometimes "that day" actually comes and I DO need that 38th size 4T shirt that was stained and it turns into a masterpiece. Most of the time, though, it makes itself into a pile, then into a box, then into the garage for a couple of years, until someone close to me has a garage sale. Then I go out to round up the mounds of junk I've collected and discover all the amazing jewels, that of course I could never just get rid of, so I bring them back in the house...and so the cycle continues.

Today I am cleaning out the garage. I'm also taking the piles that I've been stacking up of stuff to get rid of, out to the boxes in the garage. So far I've only managed to bring back 3 things, so that isn't bad right?? One of which is actually  a book that I have never read. I bought it while I was pregnant with Hayden and it has since then made its rounds through the various channels of "getting rid of". 

 I have high hopes this time.

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