Wednesday, October 05, 2011

5 bucks

Hayden has been enjoying her last few days as a five year old and I'm stockpiling on kleenex boxes. I cannot believe I'm about to have a SIX YEAR OLD. I cannot even comprehend that.

On Sunday, right before bed Hayden came in and was complaining about her loose tooth. Its been "on the verge" for a while now and we had made a couple of lousy attempts at pulling it, but never could get that sucker to pop out. I always chickened out  She would always say it hurt and we'd say ok, we'll try again when it gets a little more loose.

So, I felt the tooth and thought, wow, I really think this could actually come out. But  also wondered how we'd get it out without her freaking out and it hurting her. I knew we'd probably only have one shot at it.

The situation could go down one of two ways:
1. It fly out on the first shot and it be a great experience, pain free and happy!

2. I could pull it, it not come out and Hayden punch me in the face from pain and be terrified of losing tooth from now until forever.

Oh the pressure.

Thank goodness for technology. I had the bright idea to let her play a game on my phone to distract her from what was going on. So we got our supplies.  Washcloth, dental floss and the phone.  I was terrified. To purposefully, potentially inflict pain on your child by means of pulling out a tooth suddenly felt like some sick torture ritual. Ughhhhh.

I prepared. I tied the floss on while she logged on to her game and asked her to keep her mouth open so I could see it. I slowly moved the floss lower into the gum and kind of back and forth to see what progress we could make without her realizing. I had my washcloth ready. I held onto the floss with washcloth in hand and   closed my eyes and pulled as hard as I could. I heard Hayden gasp. I opened my eyes and saw the empty spot! I screamed. She screamed. I looked at the floss. The tooth was gone. (Uh oh.) I found it close by on the bed and then Hayden started crying. She had immediately tasted the blood and was freaking out. Then she saw the tooth and got so happy.

So she rinsed her mouth out with salt water and showed off her new smile!

She told us that tooth fairies bring you 5 bucks! WOW! What a high roller! I told her that was probably her initiation fee and the rest of the teeth might be less valuable.

So Hayden finally lost her first tooth. She was so happy and kept telling us all the tricks she was going to do with her gap. Drinking with a straw through it, keeping her mouth closed at the water fountain and slurping the water in through it..on and on.

Of course we cross another milestone right before her birthday...just kick me when I'm down why don't ya ;) Can this mama get an emotional break once in a while, please!

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