Monday, August 01, 2011

Hayden gets baptized and Graduates preschool

The last weeks of May were quite the emotional rollercoaster for us because Hayden knocked two big life events out in the same week. Sheesh! I was so emotional and put my anxiety to good use by staying busy and whipping her up a graduation dress hours before the big event.

So the first event was the baptism. Hayden had been really interested in baptism at the beginning of the year when BJ and I did the Daniel Fast. One of the suggested childrens passages that we read with the kids was about Jesus being baptised. Of course she was very curious and asked lots of questions and then at the end said that she would like to be baptized. Of course our hearts swelled with joy and excitement, knowing what a big step in her faith this would be.

When the time finally came, Hayden was so thrilled. We had all our immediate relatives there with us as she followed in Jesus' footsteps and was water baptized.

Here is Hayden with her two baptism buddies, Corie and Callie.

Then the very next day was her Pre-K graduation. Oh was I a mess!! I felt like I had a lump in my throat for a week. I cried saying thank you to her teacher at the end of the day. She started crying. She was probably so glad to be finished with the year, but I was so thankful for what an amazing teacher she had been for Hayden. How well she had understood her needs as a first-born, strong willed, genius child. I pray Kindergarten is the same way and her teacher just as amazing.

Anyway, I wisked her home from her last day to get her changed and ready for graduation. This is when I decided making her a new dress was a must. Me and my crazy ways. It turned out pretty good, with a few snags along the way but nothing major. Then we headed back to see our little graduate. The program was so cute. Hayden sang her little guts out and did all her hand motions perfectly. I was so thrilled that tears welled up in my eyes. SHOCKER. I was just so proud of my little child. She has the worst stagefright and I was so panicked that she would run off the stage screaming as she had done in the past. But she didn't. She did exactly what she had practiced. She was so proud of her little medal that she got to wear and getting her diploma as they announced that she had told them, that when she grew up, she wanted to be a cotton candy person. That's my little girl! :) I felt like my heart would explode with pride and love for her. 

She chose her celebration spot and asked immediatly for sushi. Mama did NOT complain on that decision! :) So we went and celebrated and enjoyed the amazing little girl that God has blessed us with.  

Hayden we cannot wait to see the things waiting for you in Kindergarten!!! You are such an amazing child and so thankful that you have been placed in our family!

This is my most favorite picture ever! What excitement!!post signature


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