Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That time I met P-Dub!

I have never been to a book signing before. Much less one that I really adore the author, even moreso than the book! I got word that the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond was going to be in my neck of the woods, and so I wrangled my mom into going with me and off we went. The girls were with us, since it was early in the day that we had to leave. In hindsight we probably should have waited the extra 30 minutes until BJ got off work, but we didn't know what the book signing would be like and we didn't want to miss her!

So we headed out and pulled into the cutest little bookstore ever! It was so much like the "Shop around the corner" on "You've Got Mail". Everyone was so excited, chatting over recipes and the book, and of course Charlie (the ranch dog) and star of her newest childrens book. It was like we were one big happy family and it didn't matter how long we had to wait to meet her!  So we we waited and waited and went and got dinner at Pei Wei and then came back and waited some more. But finally it was our turn. I was so nervous and hoped I wouldn't say something awkward or nothing at all!

Of course Ree was fantastic. So warm and lovely and easy to talk to. Even if our conversation was only 2 minutes long and mostly about my twins and the fantastic food that we had been cooking from her website. I was so excited to meet her and she autographed my books for me. Her new Charlie book is super cute and an easy read. Hayden even made it through several pages of words, sounding out each one.

I'm glad my mom got to share the moment with all of us. It was a fun first for all of us!

Thank you P-Dub for gracing Houston with your presence and being so kind to stay for all of us to meet you!

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