Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello, My name is Lindsay, and I'm a coupon-a-haulic!!!!

Well I promised pictures last time and here they are.

Only hit up two stores tonight because I'm am seriously lacking in sleep after taking care of my sweet Ella last night as she got sick over and over from 7pm - 2:30 am and finally passed out of exhaustion.

She is much better today and you'd never know she had been so sick just 24hrs ago. Thank God for a quick recovery!

I went to Walgreens first because I had some bucks back that were expiring tomorrow and I wanted to make sure they didn't go to waste.

Transaction #1 --
Total before Coupons: $68.85
Store Savings: $21.03
Coupon Savings: $20.50
Out of Pocket: $27.32
60% Savings
Earned $12 Register Rewards

Transaction #2--
Total before Coupons:  $10.21
Store Savings: $.67
Used register rewards from first transaction: $10.00
Out of pocket: .$23
98% Savings

Then I headed to Target. Now the rumor was that they had Mossimo Jeans for women on clearance for $4.98 and I happened to have a $5 coupon off any womens denim. So I went with the coupon, fully expecting to:
1. Not find jeans at all ( our store is under renovation as they add a produce section)
2. Find jeans, garage sale styles--Tossed and turned and I didn't want to have to dig for an hour to find a pair of jeans
3. Not find any in my size or style that I needed/liked. I'm pretty short and require a Short size in jeans which is hard to come by and I didn't expect Target to carry any.

Well, was I ever wrong! There were a ton of styles, sizes, colors, varied lengths and they were, for the most part, in fairly good order. I picked through a little bit and then found 6 pair to go try on in various colors and sizes. The second pair fit, I liked them and I wanted to squeal in the dressing room, thinking that I was going to get these for Free. (have you seen Bedtime stories with Adam Sandler. Yes, that was me, asking for a pair of jeans, for freeeeee?!?!?!?! just like he asked for a red ferrari.)

Anyway, Target has some great deals this week. My store didn't have everything I was looking for so I'm going to another one in the morning while BJ has his back adjusted at the Chiropractor.

My trip went like this--
Total before coupons: $21.47
Coupon savings: $16.61
Out of pocket: $4.86
77% savings

Not a bad night I have to say!

Total spent -- $32.41
Total Saved--$68.61

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