Monday, January 03, 2011

A Huge Recap of December

::: Hayden was in the Willis parade as Lucy from Charlie Brown Christmas:::
 We took the girls to the Polar Express Train Ride in Palestine....had a flat tire on the way there, but we made it!
 The girls with Santa (Hayden, Preslyn, Ella)

Hayden: "Mom, why did Santa shake my hand??"
Me: "Well he was just introducing himself to you and being friendly."
Hayden: "But Mom, I already met him LAST year."

~Ella is giddy with excitement~

:::BJ and I cranked out a few homemade Christmas gifts this year:::
:::Hayden finished her first semester of Pre-K with a Christmas Program:::


She was a crow

:::We shopped and cooked a TON:::

Then we ate and ate and ate and ate........and I worked out NOT ONCE. (JOY OH JOY)

:::We celebrated with Jordan and Brad at their "Gotcha Party" for Hallie's adoption being finalized:::

:::We helped decorate PawPaw's Christmas tree:::

:::We had our first Christmas eve without Granny. We missed her SOOOO but I felt like all of her traditions lived on through us. We also found out there will be a new cousin in the family this summer! (Not by us!) :::

:::We had screams and squeals on Christmas morning:::
(Ella *Preslyn)

:::The girls got a puppy for Christmas and named her Nina Grey :::

:::BJ and I hosted my mom's side of the family Christmas dinner here at our house:::

:::I celebrated my 28th birthday:::


:::I had my last day at my part time job and am now a fulltime stay at home/work at home mom again::: 
:::We celebrated with parties and parties and more parties for BJ's brother graduating from college and then getting married!:::

:::Funny Twirl Convos:::
Ella: "Webbie, I'm gonna dance you at the wedding"
Preslyn: "But Ella, I'm so small and you sooooo big"
Ella: "It's ok, I still reach your hands"

Driving in the car and Preslyn gets in a bad mood for one reason or another
Ella: "Mommy, my Presthus not talk to me"
(I am trying to think through what she just called Preslyn and realize I've never heard that nickname before...Preslyn has many many nicknames.)
Me: "What did you say Ella??"
Ella: "My Presthus not talk to me"
I realize she is calling Preslyn her "Precious"

 (How sweet!)
Me: "Preslyn, you are not being very nice to your sister. Why aren't you talking to Ella?"
Preslyn:(to Ella) "Oh, I so sorry your majesty, I not mad at you. I will talk to you.

No idea why the sudden use of Precious and your Majesty, but it was adorable!


:::Hayden was a dollface of a flower girl:::

::: We started potty training x 3:::
The dog is doing the far
Potty training story #1
The other day I heard the front door open. (Now for those of you who are not familiar with our home. We live on private property and can't see any other homes from our home. We are surrounded by trees all the way around. ) So I go to see who must be going out because we were all home. The door is wide open and the twins are making their way back in both saying,
"It's ok mommy, we just going pee-pee outside"

Maybe potty training two toddlers and a puppy at the same time was not the greatest idea.

December was a REALLY busy month for us. The first 3 days of this year have sort of been a fog of recovery. We are pumped for 2011! We have so many goals and things we want to do. We are blessed with

a fabulous family, health and salvation. We are expecting GREAT things for this year for ourselves and for all of you.

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