Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eatzerria Week 3

Okey doke...In case you need some ideas for dinners this week...here's what we'll be eating!

Monday---leftovers from the weekend...making room for the groceries coming in Monday night
Tuesday- Ragu-Stuffed Peppers  and some hushpuppies that looked divine in the frozen section. ( i used my own ragu, because I had two opened bottles in the fridge and threw in some lightly seasoned ground beef that we had leftover from taco night)
Wednesday- Sweet Potato and Gruyere turnovers This is a great way to sneak in a veggie if you have picky kiddos. Mine LOVED it and thought I was feeding them pie!
also serving with Chicken and Egg Soup with Pastina
Thursday- Tex-Mex Lasagna
Friday- PIZZA NIGHT (just a thought...what's your favorite frozen pizza ??? we love Red Baron Special Deluxe and Four Cheese)
Saturday- Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Grits  and Cranberry Pear Chutney ( I made this for Christmas and its the only cranberry dish I have ever liked! Sooooo good!)
Sunday- Wild Mushroom Risotto & Cranberry Orange Broccoli

I have a few breakfast foods up my sleeve too, but I will post those later! As well as the two recipes for the chutney and the broccoli.

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