Thursday, October 07, 2010

5 year olds can swing themselves!

I still cannot believe I have a 5 year old child. I remember being pregnant with her and thinking, Wow, I cannot imagine what it is going to be like to have a tiny little baby. I would also think what will it be like to have a 5 year old, a teenager, a woman!? SHEESH!  
Jelly 5 a la Dad

The time has gone too quickly because here we are 5 years later and we have a 5 year old. She constantly amazes us by her knowledge of things around her and her vocabulary is astounding. This year she started Pre-K and has been moving towards reading every day.

Two days ago, we pulled up to the post office and Hayden shouts out, "Hey Mom, look that door says P-u-l-l, that says Pull!" I was in the midst of organizing to go inside so I acknowledged her with a "uh huh" and went on with what I was doing.

She calls out, "Mom, the other door says P-u-s-h, Push! "

It was then that I put two and two together and realized for the first time Hayden had read a word all by herself. I whipped around with a huge smile on my face, screaming, Hayden! You just READ! You did it!! See how you did that!?!? She was BEAMING! I was so stinking excited for her. What an exciting moment to share with her.

Another think Hayden has been working on is learning the concept of swinging herself on a swingset. We always walk out and push her and tell her how to do it herself but she just hasn't figured it out yet.

Hayden at her Owl Skating Party

Hayden and Ella & Preslyn getting ready to skate it up!

Getting ready to go to school on her birthday

So the night after her birthday we went to her grandparents house and she ran out to the swingset ahead of everyone else. She got one starting push and as I walked out the door I hear excited squeels coming from the playset, "MOM, DAD, FIVE YEAR OLDS CAN SWING THEMSELVES!!!" She was pumping her legs back and forth and swinging all by herself.

What a cute little milestone that kicked in right as she turned five! Perfect timing since BJ and I had acquired a hand me down swingset for her, for her birthday, to be given to her the following day.

Hayden Jadie-Elisabeth...oh how you rocked our world at 3:44am, 5 years ago! You are a genius & make the world better. I love everything about you and who you are.You are so full of energy & zest for life. When I grow up I want to be just like you ;) Have the BEST day ever little boo-boo. We love you for ever, we'll like you for always, as long as we're living, our baby you'll be.

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