Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July explodathon

For the 4th we headed down to our almost sister-in-laws abode for the evening. The girls looked so cute in their independence day duds. The good thing about the twins being different sizes is that Preslyn can always wear hand-me-downs longer. So Ella wore Hayden's dress from 2 years ago, Preslyn wore Hayden's dress from 3 years ago and Hayden wore her dress from last year as  a peasant top with shorts under it :)

Hayden also let me french braid her hair for the first time. It turned out really nice and she loved it!

We ate some delicious food and fabulous Red Velvet (my FAVE) cupcakes and then headed out for fireworks. I was a little nervous for what this would be like since the twins really haven't had that many firework experiences yet. Usually they are either already asleep or are inside the car. Hayden prepped them all week for the "loud booms" and told them not to be scared. 

Well the first ones went off and Preslyn dug her hands into me like claws. She is very skittish of things in general so this put her over the edge. She held my hands tightly over her ears the whole time and wouldn't let me let go. I tried to get her to at least open her eyes to see the pretty colors, but she kept them tightly squeezed shut.

Ella had her hands over her ears but watched and liked the colors. And Hayden loved the entire experience.
It was  a lot of fun and good to spend time all together.

P90X Day 2 - Chest and triceps - DONE
P90X Day 3 - Plyometrics - DONE
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