Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner's in the oven, time for a speed blog

Yesterday we started up a new round of p90x. The first round we did great. BJ lost about 30lbs and I lost 7. The second round BJ did great. I'm not sure on his weight results, but he really did great. I slacked off majorly. I was just overwhelmed with launching my business and helping him with his website, so I didn't do much. So yesterday we both started again. I am excited because I know the results are going to come and yes, its insanely hard, but it feels so great to be finished each day and know I just worked my rear off! Right after our 90 days ends will be the Race for the Cure and Hayden's birthday so those will be good incentives to push for.

I'm also back to cooking every night and love it. Its hard to plan meals everyday but it is so rewarding to see my whole family chowing down on a healthy meal that they all really like.

Tonight we are having breaded Parmesan Tilapia, boiled red potatos, asparagus and cantelope! YUM!

In Twirl news, Ella has climbed out of her bed twice! :) Lovely. She is also starting to mimick everything people say. She really wants to start talking. She sings songs along with the radio, the best she can, and is just such a joy. Her new good words are "out" and "up". She also says "Pebbie" for Preslyn and "Chzz" for cheese.

Preslyn has started saying "Out" as well and "puppy" for any dog or other animal. She is loving animals. She squeels anytimes she sees one.

They have both started a new whole shy routine. Its so strange. They will put their heads down and peek out from the corner of their eyes. Or they will just cover their eyes with their hands when they see people they don't recognize and even sometimes people they do know. On Sunday Preslyn cried her eyes out when we put her in the nursery. It was so sad. She was clinging to me like crazy. I put her in and watched from the window and she stopped almost immediately. All the while Ella stayed right by her side and pat her head from time to time to let her know it was ok. It was precious!

Hayden is growing like crazy lately. She is getting so tall and people that see her are completely shocked that she is only 3. Her new word today was "occupy". She used it all day long and loves talking like a big girl. It amazes me how many big words she has been learning lately and makes me sad that the toddler days are drawing to a close and little girl days are full speed ahead. Seems like its happened all to quickly for me.

She is going to be going back to school in the fall after a year off, spending quality time with ME :) She is really excited and I'm excited for her. She doesn't have many friends, that are girls, that are her age and she is really needing that in her little life. So we are all excited for her.

Welp, the buzzer just beeped so its time for the Parm Tilapia!!

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