Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My little toddlers

Yesterday was the babies' 18month checkup. I had every intention of taking my camera and taking pics with the pedi, and I totally forgot it at home. Anyway, they were so well behaved and the pediatrician said her exam with Preslyn was probably the most laid back 18month checkup she had ever done. That's Pres for ya! She is so chill all the time. They were doing all the things they should be doing...identifying a few body parts, saying 4-5 words, understanding what we say to them, walking. So I was relieved about that. Having preemies is so nerve-wracking sometimes with keeping up with development. I'm glad to know they are keeping up.
(P-Purple, E-Pink)

(Here they are telling Granna all about their appointment. P is in the rainbow shirt and E in brown)

The only thing we will be working on is getting miss P to wear some solid shoes to force her to stop walking on her little tiptoes. Its not too bad so the Dr. wasn't worried, but we don't want her to get in a bad habit of it and stiffen her ankles.

Their stats were:

25.5lbs. / 75%
31 1/2"/ 50%
18 1/4" head/25-50%

31 1/4"/50%
18 1/4" head/25-50%

(P on the left, E right)

They both had to get 2 shots in their sweet little legs. Poor things. They fell asleep when they got home at 5 and slept through the night. Dr visits wear them flat out.

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