Monday, February 16, 2009

Recent Fun

I've been right smack in the middle of planning a few things lately and haven't allowed myself to do much else. Those things all ended this weekend so I have a few fun things to post about.

Last weekend we took the girls out in "THE BEAST" (triple stroller, grrr) to the real ZOO for the first time. I couldn't believe that Hayden is already three years old and had never been to a zoo. She has been to small petting zoo's from time to time, but never to see the Lion's, Tigers, and Bears...OH MY!

It was high-time we ventured out. So we woke up that morning, ate breakfast and left. We knew our best shot would be between the hours of after breakfast until naptime, which for the babies is not really that long. It was a perfect day for the zoo. The weather was gorgeous. We didn't need jackets, and we didn't break a sweat!

We had a great time, Hayden was so excited and loved seeing the animals. I think she loved the zoo playground, carousel and the petting zoo the best. She said her favorite animal was the goat. Kind of dissappointing but oh well. She liked brushing him in the petting zoo. We really liked the giraffes. They are just so tall when you are standing right there in front of them! Oh, also the gigantic python and King cobra were pretty phenomenal to see. I would be totally scared to death if I ever came face to face with one outside that glass window. And then there was this one animal, I can't remember what it was called, but it was a cross between a donkey and a zebra??? Strange!

It was a fun family day and definitely a cool "life" event, I guess you could call it. I mean, what kid has never been to a zoo before??? Its like an American must! So I'm glad my children can finally say they have been.

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