Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day of Love -- Part 1

Although I am not a fan of only recognizing those you love once a year, I do love Valentines! This year I wanted to have a really fun get together with some of my mommy friends and their littles who aren't yet in school. Since Hayden is home this semester she was really looking forward to exchanging valentines, so we planned ourselves a little soiree.

Kristin & Lola/Sarah & Skylar Meredith & Taylor Leslie & Lenorah/Alli & Canon
It was so much fun! Everyone came over for breakfast, the kids played and the mommies gabbed our little hearts out! It's so nice to have other mommies to hang out with and socialize with.

Jordan, Joyelle and Lenorah
I must tell one funny story. Hallie was wearing an adorable flower headband and Christian (Meredith's little boy) didn't know her, he came in to tell Hallie's mom, Jordan, something and said "Rosehead won't give me the toy back (or whatever it was)"....It was so funny that he called her Rosehead". LOL!

Ty, Hallie AKA "rosehead" and Hayden
I'm so sorry I didn't get pictures of Christian, Jace or my Preslyn and Ella :(
I think we need an official playgroup for all of us in the area!

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