Monday, February 09, 2009

Motivation Monday I'm motivated. Some days I'm NOT, and I need it from someone, so today I figured in case anyone is looking for some motivation, I've got it for you.

I'm on a mission. I have some projects I've been working on and my dining table has turned into a work table, there is stuff scattered on literally every viewable surface in my entire house! GRRRRR....I'm ready to conquer the mess.

So...just to give me a guide, I'm listing my list. I like lists, it helps me stay on task and know that I've done what I needed to get done instead of a bunch of other stuff and get sidetracked.

take inventory DONE--that was a looming task, so I'm glad its done!
Finish diaper cake (just need to safety pin it)
wrap three presents
sign stack of cards
finish hayden's valentines
mail packages
finish listing girls clothes on ebay
make labels for my new business folders
pay bills
unpack at least one box that is still packed I did two
clean my oven Yep
go through the playroom toys

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