Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to remove Aquaphor/Vaseline from your child's Hair

Well that's an interesting thought? Yes, it is and let me tell you, go Google that title and see that there are over 5,000 links that pull up. Apparently it is a quite common thing among the 3-4 year olds these days.

The other night after coming home from a wedding shower, Hayden greets me with what appears to be soaking wet hair. I thought it was odd because I left her with soaking wet hair straight out of the bath, yet here it was still wet. I was puzzled and BJ tells me, it’s not water, its AQUAPHOR.

Maybe you are not familiar with this product, so let me just tell you. It is magical for clearing up diaper rashes and preventing them. We have used it since Hayden was born and now with Ella, who has the most sensitive bum ever. It is thick like Vaseline.

Anyway, so, Hayden, being the 10 year old, oh I mean 3 year old, that she is decided to pitch in and help Daddy while I was away. So after she woke up from her nap, she went in to play with her sisters like she does every day, before we get them out of their cribs. Well, apparently Ella had a wet diaper, so Hayden, climbs up the changing table gets the Aquaphor down, which is up on a shelf, high out of reach of any curious hands, climbs down, gets the changing pad and wipes, puts all of the above into the crib with Ella, climbs into the crib (mind you this is my child who never attempted to climb in or out of her crib, not once) removes Ella's diaper, wipes her then begins applying Aquaphor to Ella. THEN! She gets the idea that this kind of looks like the stuff mommy puts in her hair to make it stick up.......so Hayden gels her entire head and Ella's. Luckily Ella has the equivalent of two hairs. This is how BJ found them. This all occurred in the course of a few minutes with monitors on, so BJ had no clue it was happening. Oh, and she even put a new diaper back on Ella. Luckily it wasn't a poopy diaper or I think BJ may have completely lost his mind.

He tried to wash her hair and it would not come out. Hayden's hair was like a greasy mop. It looked like she never had a bath in her entire life. It was disgusting. The next morning I Googled my aforementioned title and was astounded by the results. People all over the world had gone through the same scenarios and basically said, bummer for you, it doesn't come out. And then listed a bunch of home remedies they had tried that may have worked and some ended up cutting their kids hair or just waiting for a week or so for it to finally wash out.

I'm thinking, "You've got to be kidding me." I finally found a site that listed things like baby oil, peanut butter, baking powder and cornstarch. So I decided we would start trying each one. First, I tried baby oil. I figured that would be gentle on her hair and not be too messy, so back to the bath we went. People...DO NOT USE BABY OIL. That only intensified our problem by like 1000. Then her hair looked like it was dripping wet and her face was shiny from the oiliness. I dried her hair and it still appeared soaked and greasy. She went over to her Grammy's house and she tried hand sanitizer. That didn't work. So today I decided to go with Baking Powder first and then rinse out with Dawn dish soap (it’s a degreaser) and then regular shampoo. So we applied the baking powder all over. She looked like a person from the colonial times with a white wig. I massaged it in to make sure all of the hair had been covered, then rinsed with Dawn and immediately I could feel the hair felt normal, and then washed out with her regular shampoo and SHE WAS CURED!!!!

So, if you stumble upon this blog in the same situation, do not give up hope, I have found a cure for you!!!

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